Holistic health approach aims at uncovering the root-cause of mental & physical health symptoms through integrative and holistic approaches. Holistic health consultancy is for men and women who are interested in getting to the underlying cause of their mental & physical health by addressing all of the metabolic, hormonal, and inflammatory conditions that often accompany mental health symptoms or are part of their root cause.

Holistic health is integrative, collaborative, and transformative. We believe that it is of paramount importance to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms and to deal with the root cause, rather than just medicate your symptoms.

Heba habib M.D; M.Sc; Ph.D

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As mental health and holistic health consultant (M.D; M.Sc; Ph.D) with more than 15 years of experience, my journey into the world of health has been a very passionate and interesting one. It’s main motivation was to understand the complexity of the mind and body connection, and how experiences, positive or traumatic ones, and our thoughts schemes (influenced by personal and sociocultural constructs) impact not only on our body but also on our descendants.
I found in Holistic Health and more precisely in Holistic Mental Health approach the answers to my inquiries and the tools to address many health situations.