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Holistic Mental Health & Functional Psychiatry approaches aim at uncovering the root-cause of mental & physical health symptoms through evidence-based integrative and holistic approaches rather than just medicate symptoms.

These approaches are for you if you  are interested in getting to the underlying cause of your mental & physical health by addressing all of the metabolic, hormonal, and inflammatory conditions that often accompany mental health symptoms or are part of their root cause.


Holistic Mental Health & Functional Psychiatry

are integrative, collaborative, and transformative

Gentle bodywork to promote relaxation

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Our mission is to introduce to you these options and to empower you with tools to achieve this transformation while actively partnering with you during your healing journey.

Although prescription medications are always an option when needed, the tools we will be sharing with you are lifestyle interventions (diet modification, exercise, lifestyle changes, stress management tools, detoxification support) and  targeted nutritional supplementation specifically designed for you.

This is achieved through Functional psychiatry that will help you treat the root causes of the emotional illness, not just the symptoms.

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