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Holistic Mental Health Approach

Medicine has become dependent not only on drugs or surgery but on a variety of methods for prevention and treatment such as nutrition, physical activity, acupuncture, meditation, relaxation and even music, dance and painting. This is called Holistic Health and Holistic Mental Health is one of its branch, dealing more with the psychological and mental health.

All these tools help balance and treat brain chemistry and the various functions of the body, including immunity and hormones. There is a genetic defect for some immune or hormonal diseases, like diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, but not everyone who has a genetic predisposition has symptoms.

Symptoms appear when external factors negatively affect the epigenetic traits leading to disease development. What is epigenetic trait? It is a stable heritable phenotype resulting from changes in a chromosome without alterations in the DNA sequence. Factors affecting epigenetic traits are stress, pollution, malnutrition etc. And just as disease and trauma are inherited and genetically transmitted so is healing that can be passed on to future generations. In is our hands to alleviate the inevitability of the genetic and epigenetic predisposition of many diseases by paying attention to the factors positively and negatively affecting our epigenetic traits.

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